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Australia getting JO before US?

Ooh first, post. Been lurking here for a while, but couldn't be stuffed posting, anyways on with the point...

I checked out a local EB to ask for the release date of JO and I was told it was the 22nd of March. I was at a loss was put down as a week before the US release, but put it down to a mistake on behalf of EB as 90% of EB staff over here are pretty imcompetent (ermm..Sony Dreamcast?). Later today I checked out Harvey Norman (retail giant in Australia) just to check up the date as well, I was told 23rd of March there. When I asked how come it was before the US date, one of the guys said it was a first that we would be getting the game before US shores. Though I didn't take him too seriously as it was pretty obvious he was trying to sell the game to me and get me to pre-order; hell he was talking about clips where he saw heads getting chopped off by the saber throw despite my claims there was never that extent. Any idea what the hell is going on here? Strange that the two of the largest retailers of PC games would make a mistake. Maybe a Raven guy knows what's happening?

Also, the HN guy said the SE Tin didn't have DF and JK in it, only other stuff like a t-shirt, poster, etc. In any case I'll check up this Friday and update.
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