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Re: 56k, a no no?

Originally posted by Saber_Trails
Do you think that it will be too hard to play with 56k in say a 4 player game? Post yes or no and then why. I get 300-500 ping btw..
I think you would able to play but I'm not sure how good it will be. I have DSL and when I play Medal of Honor I usually get a ping of 39 to 100 and it's usually around 70 for an average. Sometimes when someone joins with a dial-up connection it can slow the whole game down to a crawl and when I've got to 200 and above ping it's not really playable. Who knows for sure what you'll get. Raven can work miracles with game engines. Hopefully they are equally as talented with the Net code. Worst-case scenario is that it's too laggy to play online but you could still have nearly as much fun with bots. Wait and see though.

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