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This is from, yes that is a New Zealand site

The local Activision distributors have informed us that the Jedi Knight II Collectors Edition (Due first week of April) will be bundled with a Jedi Knight II T-shirt! The tin box/shirt will be available in the first shipment of the game only, which will be limited in stock. Pre order your copy now so you don't miss out!.
The Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Collectors Edition comes in a 4-colour collectible tin and includes:

A Star Wars: Jedi Knight II T-shirt!
Full version of Star Wars: Dark Forces PC game
Full version of Stars Wars: Jedi Knight PC game
Jedi Outcast Keychain
So it is likely that it will be released the same time in Aussie.

EB's prices are bad here in NZ anyway.
I saw NOLF for $15 NZ(about 7 bucks US) in a K-Mart, it had been sitting on the shelf ever since the game was realeased I guess, I told the guys at EB and what do ya know, they thought I was talking crap straight off so I personally dislike them now. This was back last year around november.
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