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Originally posted by Jedi Nizar
it's absolutliy not True! it's just an old Date they haven't check the last Date release.
here in Germany EB says it's 22.03.02 and Amazon says 27.03.02.

You see. Lucasarts said that it will be 29.03.02 So it will be out the 29.03.02 and I'm sure that Canada and the USA will get it before us. we can exept here in Germany for example the 5. April
I'm in Canada, and I had preordered my copy of JO in December.

So yesterday I went into EB (The guys working at the one near me are fairly competent, we all complained about ps2 games ) to ask if they had any info on the release date.

I was told that the 29th IS the release date, but they haven't decided if the store is going to be open. So most likely, I'll be getting it somewhere around the 30th.
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