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I wish I could get cable where I live... but sadly, I can't because I live too far out of town. I might be able to get satelite connection sometime... But that's expensive, and I've heard it doesn't work too well if it's cloudy--which I get alot of the year... So, I'm stuck on 56k for now...

I really, really, hope Raven takes into consideration us poor 56k users. I hope they can make the netcode as good as it is in Tribes 2... I can play 40+ person game with little lag, even though I get pings of over 300-400. Also, I could play the orignal Jedi Knight pretty easily with hardly any lag, and an average ping of about 300 (on a 4 person game). Also, I can generally play MMOs with little lag in crowded areas... but that's a totally different kind of netcode I'm sure...

But sadly it looks I won't be able to play MP, since the Q3 engine isn't too good for 56k.. I just hope Raven modified the netcode as well as the engine... for the better.
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