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I edited it Tomcat.

I can recall picking the saber color... I think it's pre-set, so no infinite amount of colors.

The saber fights were kind of tricky. The one I had in single player rocked, definately a hit fight. The ones I had in multiplayer were another story. I think Brett Tosti (producer for LucasArts) turned the bots on some kind of "highest difficulty" setting to mess around with us. So for me it was miss, but for the bots it was hit fighting...

Another thing about the bots, I don't know if someone already told you about this, but each bot model has his/her own character. So one bot model might be more soldier like (like the stormtrooper and rebel trooper) while the reborn and Luke are more Jedi like (so they will use the saber more often)...
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