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good that im not going insane then (i already was)

Sounds good man

So, you played multiplayer, did you get an idea if the force powers are balanced? Or was it too short for that? I mean, could you just use grip and get the enemy all the time or not?

ALso, yeah i heard about character a bit, a bit different but also interesting in that matter is that Changkhan said in another thread:

"There are 3 player-usable saber animation sets, distinct from each other, then 2 more that are used by certain NPC characters only (for a total of 5)."

So the NPCs have two saber stances of their own as well it seems... We'll need a mod which allows us to use them...

Did you get a look at all the multiplayer models? No Fett, no Vader?

Leia? Solo?

Thanks for anwering man, i really appreciate such things!

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