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Originally posted by FES_Kosigan
To all you guys with broadband who are not getting their 'desired' rate of download/upload, head over to . The broadband patches there increased my download speed by 100kb . Ah, also, first post ~receives his chocolate Jedi medallion~
That site OWNZ! My download speed went from 997kbps to 1405kbps! Up load went from 122kbps to 126 kbps. Over all I went from '19x faster than 56K to 28 x faster that 56k.'*

Thank you FES_Kosigan (my hero)and welcome to the forums.

*Info: I tested at . I did 3 tests before installing patch and 3 after. 3 d-load speeds before were 997, 982 and 977. 3 d-load speeds after were 1405, 1405 and 1381. the upload speeds were the same, +/- 1 or 2.

I also tested over at MSN

only did 1 test before(stupid HBK)
There I went from 488kbps to 873kbps



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