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A copy of my post regarding the ELiTeD interview, over on the ELiTeD forums:

Good job getting the CTF interview. Were there many questions that you asked that weren't answered (-curious-)?

She informed us that "all skins available in normal MP games are available in ctf. In addition to symbols above the players, skins will be colored either blue or Red to signify which team you are on."

I like this idea. It's very Tribesish. I think that the flag is a little large, but that's also very Tribesish. I wonder if the same flag that's in Capture the Ysalimari will be used in Capture the Flag. I would assume so.

Jedi Outcast introduces a slew of new weapons, force powers and advance saber moves and thus the gameplay has changed and evolved to accommodate those new features.

It still sounds like JO CTF will be DM with flags, but I'll reserve judgement until the game is released.

"There are endless strategies and combinations of tactics in the multiplayer games. Just like the rail jump tactic players will need experiment around in order to figure out the best tactics to match their particular playing style," she replied.

This is the best news in the interview. Heather is admitting that JO CTF will feature at least some depth within the gameplay/levels. I fear that JO CTF won't offer the depth that JK CTF did, but again, I'll reserve judgement until the game is released.

Heather also told us that there are four maps to play ctf in.

Notice that she doesn't say there are four CTF maps, she says there are four maps to play CTF in. Recently, in the XGR interview (#5), Brett Tosti says the following...

We have at least 10 MP only maps...if we have...we have a couple more that will probably make it...but I can safely say we have 10 right now...And you can play them on a variety can play some of them on Capture the Flag, you can do standard deathmatch, we have at least a couple of dueling maps...

In my opinion, this insinuates that the CTF levels will be DM levels with flags or vice versa. This is a very bad idea and I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

I'm continuing to be optimistic about CTF/CTY, but things aren't looking up at this point.
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