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Re: mIRC is so easy to use no wonder it's #1!

Originally posted by Legacy_QuEsT
Instructions to download and use mIRC.

1.) Download mIRC at
2.) Install mIRC
3.) Click the 'file' drop down menu at the top of the mIRC chat box
4.) Click 'options'
5.) A box should pop up on your computer screen named 'mIRC options'.
6.) In the 'IRC Network' box scroll down from the option 'all' until you get to the option 'EnterTheGame'
7.) Fill in: your name, nickname, email address, and alternative.
8.) Click the "connect to IRC Server" in the middle of 'mIRC options' box'.
9.) Once you connect the 'IRC channel folder' box should pop up.
10.) In the first open space type a number sign # and the channel you want to join.
Lol.. I was joking you know
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