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I'll just post my reply from a previous thread:

In my Right hand I wield a 5 button wheel Intellimouse.

In my left hand I hold a lightsaber........

.....Actually in my left hand I will use an excessively configured Cyborg 3D joystick - programable buttons etc. Still haven't found a stick that I can use with my left hand with the amount of buttons that I need - like a Thrustmaster FCS or Saitek X36 flightstick but a left handed version.

Aliases or quake scripting will be very important for setting up custom combo attacks. You should be able to bind a unique attack to a single key stroke making for a very personal fighting style. It would be nice if this type of configuring were implimented in a proper user interface someday to allow easier access, like Vsim in Die by the Sword. Dueling is much more dynamic, fluid and natural when script attacks and special moves are on a single key or button.

I'll post some of my scripts and special attacks once I've figured some out....

But alas scripting has its limitations. Thats why a programable controller can come in handy.

Now if someone would write an app that would allow a Saitek SGE like programability for the keyboard.

Back in my Heretic 2 days I would liken this sorta tweaking and configuring to constructing and configuring my own lightsaber.

Hmmm.. maybe I'll construct a lightsaber style joystick/controller with plenty of buttons.
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