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If you're looking to chat/play with 2 or 3 people, use gamesnet. If you're looking to chat/play with 100+ people, use enterthegame.


I'm willing to give @'s in #JediKnight to the staff members of, and any other accredited website (not necessarily JK related). Staff members from various sites, including,, and (to name a few), are already hanging out in #JediKnight and will soon be @'d if they aren't already. I'ev offered this before, but no one seemed intersted, just thought I'd ask again.

I just don't see a point in splitting the major JK sites from the major clans/players. Just makes sense to keep them all together. If JKO has it's own LEC/Raven chat server, that we can access through the game, I'm sure we can just all use that. Until then though, I think we should all head to enterthegame (ETG), just like a 100+ other JK/JK2 players.
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