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Originally posted by digl.

I hope at least two of those 4 maps are designed for CTF.

Hopefully. I just can't fathom why there wouldn't be at least a few CTF-only maps.

There will be plenty of great user made CTF levels probably, but I'd like a few good ones to start.

Yeah, Mormegil (creator of Fusion and Mandos), is already learning Radiant and is planning to recreate/rethink Fusion for JO. He is just trying to figure out what will need to be changed at this point. The lack of keys/keydoors will make a port of Fusion, Nar and Mandos virtually impossible, unless you plan on editing the levels quite a bit. I suppose it's possible that there will be keys/keydoors in JO, but I'm not counting on it. I've heard a few other people talking about porting The Challenge At Nar Shaddaa to JO as well. I have a few projects to finish up in JED and I'll be back into learning Radiant myself. It would definitely be nice to have some good CTF/CTY maps to start with, but if not, I suppose we'll just have to wait a few months, until some decent usermade maps are released.
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