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When I started with Doom on the PC I was at a friends house and I was used to playing doom on the 32x (yeah i was one of the idiots that bought that) so I wanted to use a controller and they all laughed at me, heh. Since then I have never been able to find a better way than WASD baby. Left hand keyboard right hand mouse. The only people that I have actualy seen in first hand to hold a candle to that kind of control were 2 people that played Duke3d and nothing else at the time when most were playing Quake. They had some setup with pedals, ch-flightstick and the keyboard. I have to admit... they were a wild pair to watch but I could never handle that. Every person starts different I guess but I know "I" could never use anything other than the mouse-keyboard combo for FPS's no matter what FPS game it is.
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