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Agreed! Spaceport, Emperor's Throne Room, Tree Canopy, Jaba's Palace, Gantry, Carbon Freeze Chamber, Cargo Ship - MotS had, by far (in my opinion) faaaaaaaar superior multiplayer maps than JK had.

I mean, how cool is it to reenact a lightsaber duel in the Carbon Freeze Chamber, Gantry, or the Emperor's Throne Room? I'll tell you - it's bad @ss. The drama, the atmosphere - nothing from regular JK could touch these excellent MotS multiplayer maps in terms of theatrical atmosphere.

And in terms of just really fun, action-based maps, Spaceport, Tree Canopy, Jaba's Palace and Cargo Ship were great! Not only did they have a good Star Wars feel to them, but they were just really fun to play, both in terms of strategy and pacing.

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