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Never cared for mice or joysticks.

I used keyboard only for wolf 3d through quake, and also through JK.

with Quake I was basically in denial, everyone was starting to use mouse + keyboard but i resisted. I actually got to a point where I was able to use my "look up" and "look down" keys so quickly that I almost was as good as someone with a mouse, but finally with what I spose Quake 2... I caved. Still not doing quite what most gamers did though, in that I used a trackball. I have always used trackballs over normal mice.

JK was interesting in that it was really very well played with just keyboard. But as a test a month or so ago in preperation for JO I went back and tried setting it all up with keyboard + trackball and to my joy I was able to get it working great.

Now as for joysticks, or gamepads... well they're just laughable.
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