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Originally posted by Krak3n
I played Elite Force and Quake 3 with 56k for about 6 months and i have to say my ping was on average of 190-200. At that point it is really laggy but playable. 56k is no longer adequate to games online now, as more and more people go broadband. If u can get bruadband as soon as possible. No dial up, instant connection, average d/l of 60kb/s, i tell ya once you get bruadband your whole perseption of the internet changes.
Yes, I suppose you would gain a new perspective on the internet. So many new decisions, like "Maybe I'll get some pornography today" Or "I think I'll get pornography" Or maybe even "Are you up for pornography? I know I am!" Stuff like that. It really makes you rexamine the internet.

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