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I found Push in MotS fairly weak - I could as eaily get people off cliffs by pulling weapons and bumping into them Also lightning - I gave it 4 stars and still just a couple of shots then I had no mana for what seemed forever.

However, Episode I redefined Force Push - just ask the guys who wrote the Phantom Menace game ... (I still get a neckache from just thinking about that perspective) ... they did a Push that was stronger than in MotS, but were surprised when they saw Obi / QuiGon destroying droids easily with push.

From what we have seen you clearly get to a point where you can take out a squad with lightning ... not bad. Or throw a Rodian screaming off a cliff (after watching that a few times I asked myself 'who cares about dismemberment ) Clearly the Force Power strength and balance is much more in line with the EpI&II and EU interpretations ... which IMO is a very good thing. As Jar Jar might say - Yousa One Bombad Jedi ... zzzzaappp ... Aaaiiiieeee .... !!! (as I hit him with some lightning and toss him over a cliff ...


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