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Originally posted by Scrobes
lol .. force lightning AND pushing him off a cliff? No dismemberment? At least chop those ridiculous ears off and use them as curtains or something..

The beginning of that trailer is cool. Though it's funny as hell to see Kyle hack that stormtrooper on the floor as he's trying to get up. Talk about malicious!
Agreed with the chopping of the ears - perhaps Raven should have put 38 hit zones in GHOUL2 ... 2 more for the ears

Besides I had to hit him with the lightning to shut him up ... just imagine him falling while still going on "mesa mindin' mesa own business, den disa bombad jedi nesa nokin' mesa ofen de cliff - terrribbble things, terribble ... splat!

Regarding multiplayer, I'm sure that as a force player you have some strength of your own to resist these things, and also the balance is somewhat different - I expect a single saber-hit kill for a stormie in SP, but now for a Jedi in MP (or even a Reborn in SP).

We have heard again and again how hard they have worked at this - and how hard it is to balance things. I think the fact that they have very different systems in SP and MP attests to that. I am also sure that many people will be disappointed with the implementation for one reason or another ...

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