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Welcome Trummpiz to the guardian position in #UseTheForce. We are handing over the power to moderate and enforce our rules as you interprate them. We're putting our trust in you (LoTD) to act congruent to this channels wishes. We represent you and you represent us. Welcome to the op position in #UseTheForce Trummpiz. We are honored to offer our services to LOTD; we hope to satisfy your expectations in this channe...

Good relationships start with a few good men and continue to grow. I hope our relationship with LOTD does the same. We will advertise your channel and clan as best we can - I would also like to stress we need people to attract people. Bringing the people you represent into this room will give You more power as an op as well as create a funner environment for conversation The amount of participation you offer in #UseTheForce is totally at your discretion....
This is the type of welcome you can expect from our mIRC JK2 community.

1.) This is our community:

These channels support the JK2 community everywhere:


These channels are the JK2 community on ETG:


...And JK clans who are making a peaceful transition into the JK2 community. We are very apreciative to all your help and support.


and many more JK2 chat rooms, leagues, tournaments, and clans that comprise the mIRC JK2 community would like to welcome anybody to come and visit our channels and to support your JK2 community on mIRC. I want to thank the staff of for letting us advertise on their site - We apreciate your help and we would like to serve the JK2 community in any way we can to help make it a more exciting, dynamic, and fun experience for everybody.
2.) This is who we are.

- Dedicated to serve the JK2 community.
- Dedicated to clan advertising
- A fun loving community of friends

And hey, if you don't like talking to us you can always play with the bots in our channel lol. You can play !8balll, have a fight with one, and KILL IT!!!!

<- The #1 bot killer


IJM_Dragonfire - Webmaster and co-creator of #UseTheForce, thanks to his innovative invention of a site for IRC channels everywhere.
SaGe_Xagatyn - Staff of #UseTheForce. Greeting crew and coordinator.
Legacy_QuEsT - part of the advertisement crew for #UseTheForce

Thank you for letting us advertise on your forums.
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