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Sam and Max sound

Okay, this is the thing. I own the Lucasarts archives vol. 1 but have lost (I know, you can shoot me later) the Sam & Max CD that came with it (I will try to avoid hell because of this big sin as much as I can). So therefore, I bought a substitute, the Sam & Max/Day of the tentacle CD that is now in stores. The thing is:

I can run the game from my computer. I got windows XP and a second harddrive with windows 98. The game runs great and does not give any error messages or anything. But I cannot in ANY way get to the main menu in the game and start the sound card selection program or get any other options what so ever and therefore not get ANY sound.

Anyone knows what I should do? I have run the game in my windows versions, dos prompt and restarted the win98 in dos but the game simply starts without any menu at all. There is a lot of soundblaster files within the directory so there should be some way to get to them.

The thing with the sound card setup is that the program "digmuse" cannot be opened. There is also some program named "samuse" in the directory that I guess could be used in some way but I am not to good at DOS. It is said in the manual that the first time I started the game I would automatically get to sound setup but that has not happened. Please help me! I really want to play this game (again)! I tried to do a bootdisk but when I used that I cannot access my CD-ROM drive (D.
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