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I'm beginning to seriously doubt it. He first posted that he had the game and had played it over 5 hours ago, and yet he still hasn't posted any screens/hard info. Even just replicating what the back of the box says might make us more inclined to believe him without having to give away any major spoilers (even though something like that would be easy to make up )

Also, about an hour or so ago, I was refreshing the forum topic list a few times over a ten minute period to check for new posts. Wicket was listed in the members browsing the forum list for a while, yet he didn't make any more posts. Why on earth was he just browsing the forums for gossip when he could have actually been playing the game?

I know that it's possible he may have been offended by people doubting him if he does actually have the game, especially with things like that modified "Liar Liar" poster above (funny though it was ). If I was in his position though, the first thing I would do is post some screenshots or info (or even just describe the back cover/CD design etc.) to prove myself. Then, if people still didn't believe me, I'd take great pleasure in gloating over them when they all found out I was right.

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