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Shipment Information/Pre-Orders

This is what the pop-up said exactly.....

"All of the LucasArts Company Store's pre-order specials include free standard shipping and handling which applies to US addresses only. We ship via US Priority Mail which delivers in 1-3 days depending on where you live. For pre-orders on Star Wars® Jedi Knight®II: Jedi Outcast™ that means your order should be delivered sometime between 3/27 and 3/29 , depending on the mail service in your area. Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, your order will not be delayed.

If delivery on 3/27 is absolutely essential to you, you may choose to pay additionally for UPS Next Day Air delivery.

Thank you for shopping with the LucasArts Company Store."

.....There ya go...I'm smiling again.....


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