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Raschel's X-Wing danced among the TIE fighters, slicing them to pieces with blaster bolts. The new ln fighters weren't all they were cracked up to be, obviously. But there were a few TIEs of a new type that Raschel recognized as Interceptor class. These were deadly, maneuverable and faster-moving than anything Raschel had seen except the Alliance's newest fighter-in-development, the A-Wing. Fortunately, there were only a few of these "squints".

A bomber popped up on Raschel's tail as she finished off it's buddy. It had an excellent pilot---it actually managed to stay behind her. Its plasma bolts smashed into her aft shields, rocking her fighter. Oh, so you wanna play hard, huh? I can fix that. She called to her astromech. "Silver! Does this craft have countermeasures loaded?" The astromech bleeped an affirmative. "Good." She pressed the appropriate button, at the same time slowing down so rapidly that the TIE bomber almost ran into her. A cloud of chaff shot from the back of her fighter and erased the pilot's visibility. Predicting where he would instinctively move, she jerked the craft hard and caught the bomber in her crosshairs. Two linked blasts vaporized its hull and the remains spiraled off into space and exploded just as the pilot ejected. Nine kills in seven minutes, five dupes and three eyeballs. Not bad at all for my first time in a *real* X-Wing. She pulled her fighter up and reoriented herself.

I wonder where the rest of the squadron is? Could they have gotten sidetracked that badly?

((OOS: dupes = bombers, right? just making sure))

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