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From behind Rascheal there came loud and bright explosion as the other fighter trailing her was blown to peices. Her com crackled and Jekaris bright voice chirped over it.

"Am I fashionably late?" he asked. "Fighter off to your port side about 3 oclock Ras. "

Having given her the info Jekari focused his attention on the battle at hand. Adrenaline coursed through his veins. THIS is what he's been waiting for. Those enemy fighters can kiss their tails goodbye. Doing a quick check to make sure the modifications he and Hassany built into the X-Wings were in working order he typed in a command. Now they were ready to be activated should the need arise.

((OOC= So much for posting more ne? it's late and I hope this is good. If not i can always edit it. Later daze everyone!))
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