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Exclamation General summary on giga1.avi *SPOILER CITY!*


Thx for the trailer Fin. Very tight stuff

Anywayz, here's some important aspects of the trailer...

First, a main menu! With the difficulty settings:

On the top it says:
New Start (?)

Difficulty settings include:
- Padawan
- Jedi
- Jedi Knight
- Jedi Master

Then, the good ol' Star Wars Intro..

After the intro, you see a little cutscene with Kyle and Jan, and a transmission:

Then, FIRST MISSION!! (supposingly)

It says, "Datapad Updated. New Information - Mission Goal"

A look at the Datapad:

- Examine the abandoned Imperial base (?)
- Attack the troops at _____________ (?)

Then, you found a secret area!!

Then, you stole from an Imperial Officer a provision card...

That's it on giga1.jpg....those 2 guys are funny even though I have a hard time following up with them....

giga2.1.avi report coming up

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