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Giga2.1 Report :)


So...Giga2.1.avi is basically a showdown of the JO weapons:

I think this is a Disrupter...the gun that disintegrate living things...

Looks like the Q3A Railgun...

Then Bowcaster...basically does the same thing, except the charging up is a bit different...

Now an Imperial Heavy Repeater...primary fire is the same thing, secondary fire fires a concussion grenade (I think)

DEMP2 aka Jawa Gun? Looks like an EMP wave...

Now the Rocket Launcher: (nice explosion )

End of caught my attention...when Force Speed is used, the game slows down (even you, but others are even slower) this

Kinda hard to tell's slow

End of giga2.1.avi.....more reports coming up heh

Damn I'm bored

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