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Hello beautiful people! Let's take a look at giga3.avi.....

First you go to the Jedi Academy (i think) and you see 2 people 'fighting' through glass windows (windows are everywhere!)

More pictures -

Here Kyle goes to Luke...many LEC screenshots were taken here

Kyle throws his saber again....

Saber Destruction!

After all the havoc you caused to the room, you meet the Robot Man hehe

These Germans are getting their asses kicked by the Robot Man hehe

Then you see the AT-ST scene, which Kyle got squished the first time (thx to the Germans)

After the German's escape from the AT-ST, they tried out the turret gun...looks pretty cool

Mission Failed - Too many prisoners/civilians (?) are dead.

That's it on giga3.avi....Multiplayer giga4 coming up!!

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