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*Garik was behind one of the last freaighters and he only had about 4 torps left. he decided to save them just in case. He set his fire to lasers. he set the lasers to dual and fired away at the freighter. The sensors showed that the shield were gonna go down and at the end of Gariks run they went down. Hassany was right behind Garik and followed him in. She fired in the same path as Garik did and damaged the freighter heavaly. Ton was a click behind that and finished of the freighter.*

*Then Garik heard Raschel yell something like:'Something's wrong with my blaster cannons?'*

*Garik keyed his com to point at Raschel*

Wraith 5 this Wraith Leader. Whats wrong? are you ok?

*Garik saw an eye-ball come in his path and he keyed his fire to quad and fired. The TIE fighter exploded brilliantly.*

3 flight!? finish the last 2 freighters and jump to these coordinates im sending you! Dinn send the jump coordinates to 3 flight. Wraith 5? if you got a problem follow 3 flight out of here.
Wraith 2!? take Wraith 3 out of here as fast as the Ties let you. 2 flight?! Im on my way to you. try to hold the Ties of your wingmates. if you are safe, Head for the hyper piont.
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