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<-- pissed cuz i lost my report but here it is

Here's giga4.avi! Multiplayer JO!

First, as you probably saw before, the player selection menu!

Quite a few characters to choose from....Kyle, Jan, Luke, Greedo, Stormtrooper, Jedi Trainer...etc

Then you see the Force Allocation Table!!! VERY COOL!!!

sprung - Force Jump
schub - Force Push
griff - Force Grip
geschwindigkeit - Force Speed
sicht - Force Persuasion

absorption - Force Absorb
heilung - Force Heal
schutz - Force Protection
geistertrick - Force Jedi Mind Trick

schwertangriff - Attack Stance
schwertabwehr - Defense Stance
schwertwurf - Saber Throw

*note: On the side, there's a box of pre-set characters, for example, Jedi Knight, Jedi Masters, with pre-set Force stars*

Then you see the 3 stances:
Stance 1 -

Stance 2 -

Stance 3 -

Now, the below picture is one of the stances shown above...but the funny thing is what the German said...

*low pitch, German accented, imitating Vader* "The circle is now complete! When I left you I was but a learner now I am the master!"

Ok. Now something I've never seen before...
"You demand : Eddy-Wan-Kenobi"

No idea...

Ok, this makes more sense to above. There are two aspects to this screenshot...

- The TAUNT before "You demand: Eddy-Wan-Kenobi." Sounds like a 1v1 dual
- The glowing green....sounds like Force Protection

Something funny again:


giga5.avi coming up!

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