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<-- excited and giga5.avi!! final!!

Final part of the wonderful German trailer, giga5.avi!!

We see the first appearance of a FORCE FIELD!!

Looks pretty cool...but what for?

Now, Force Grip (can be countered by Force Push, and Force Push can really damage you if you hit a wall!)

Then, the German guy had Luke (w/ the red lightsaber) fall TWICE and died

Then, we see the Force Selection Table, which is almost the same as the Weapon Selection Table...

It looks like that a saber can glow a lot! Down the hole! A long strip of green saber glow!

The Eddy-Wan guy said "achtundzwanzigsten Marz" = March 28...release date for Germany?

There's really not much going on in giga5.avi...but it's the end of the German trailer!

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