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Linux Server howto

Ok since there isnt a full howto ill write one. im missing some info like all the map names and i still dont know how to set the g_gametype flag yet since i dont have a list of what number coincides with which gametpye.

but here goes. obviously dl and follow the install instructions.

my server.cfg looks like this.

// Server Config
set sv_hostname "Reb's T1 Server"
set g_motd "Dont Be a Dick"
rconPassword "password"
sv_privatePassword "password"
sv_privateClients 1

set sv_pure 1
set sv_maxclients 19
set g_inactivity 0
set sv_maxRate 8000
set sv_maxping 200
set g_allowvote 1
set timelimit 20
set capturelimit 40
set g_autoMapCycle 1

map ffa_bespin

my command line goes like this
./jk2ded +exec server.cfg +map ffa_bespin

if you dont set the +map ffa_bespin the server wont start because it doesnt know what map to load.

If you want to be cool, you know you want to be cool. Launch the game using screen. Screen allows you to telnet/ssh into your server and attach to your servers "screen" just like youre at the console.

do this. In the user or in roots home type.

touch jk2
chmod +x jk2

open the file jk2 in your favorite editor. add these lines

cd /usr/local/games/jk2/
screen -A -m -d -S jk2 ./jk2ded +exec server.cfg +map ffa_bespin

now all you ahve to do to launch the game is go to the directory that you created the file jk2 in (remember touch jk2 created a text tile) and type in


notice it dumps you back to a prompt, doesnt look like it did anything does it. just type screen -r jk2 and bamm youre in your servers console. To detach from screen hold down control and hit a then d.

Ill post updates when i figure out the map list and gameplay types.
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