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I left my homeworld at a young age, much younger than most. As i said good bye to my Dad, he pulled something from behind his cloak. It was a small pack. Inside it help a black cape, and a a pair of red googles. The sun of other worlds hurt my eyes to look at, so i always must wear these precious goggles my father gave me. To this day i still wear both regularly. Then he pulled something off his belt. As he lifted his cloak it revelaed his blaster, his trusted old DL-44. He had used it in his service of the Republic. With it, he told me to always fight hard, and courageously.

I was a freelancer for about a year, where i ended up on tatooine. One night i met a man in a bar. He seemed unusually quiet and calm. When a man in the bar started yelling at him for taking their seat, he gently tried to dissuade them. When it escalated, the man drew his blaster. Much to my suprise, before the man even lifted his blaster the young man beside ignited his silvery blade of light. I was amazed and dumbfounded. The young man neatly deflected the man's 2 shots harmlessly off to the side. I saw a man approaching from the back, and another from the front. I drew my blaster and fired 3 quick shots at the man coming up from behind. Meanwhile, the young jedi had dealt with 2 men in front of him. We both quickly left the bar.

"I had no idea you were a jedi." i said to the man.

"Still, you befriended me. Thats a rare commodity on this planet it seems. Thanks for the help back there, can itake you to where you need to go?"

"No," i said, "i have no ship and i'm simply a freelancer."

"Well, with your skills, you could hold a job in the Republic. Why don't you return to corusccant with me."

I rembered all the stories i had been told by my father, all his adventures in the Republic."Sure, why not? I had nothing else to do." i said.

So i served in the Republic for many years. I was a spy, and a good one at that, i did many dangerous missions, and met many dangerous people. I also met many people, jedi and others alike. I never lost my friend with the silver blade, he taught me so much, things that i could not learn anywhere else.

Then, i left the sevice of the Republic, never againt to serve as a spy and scout in the army. One day, ironically i guess, i ended up on tatooine, the place where it all had bagan. So, when i walkined into the same bar i has left so long ago, i was shocked to meet so many old friends.

I wrote this awhile ago for the "strange things happening on Tatooine" game.

Peace is but a shadow of death,
Desperate to forget its painful past.
And though we hope for promising years,
After shedding a thousand tears,
Yesterday's sorrow constantly nears.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone.
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