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Question Bonus Battle in Droid Campaign

I just started playind GB and i finished the Droid Campaign and tried the bonus mission. I have tried this mission about 4 times now and continue to be slaughtered. My first attempt i just went for the attack to see what it was all about. The second time i tried garrisoning all of my troops in the large transports, this got me farther (to the land bridge at the bottom of the screen) but no further. Everytime despite what i do with healing with the medics or with garrisoning i always get slaughtered at the bridge. I try targeting the shields first to knock those out before i go to the large animals and troops but i cant defeat the shields fast enough by the bridge. Any help with the locating or the formation for my troops or the use of Darth Maul to win this battle would be greatly appreciated, so far i am pretty much running out of ideas. Thanks
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