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*garik was trying to reach 2 flight. but he had enormous trouble to get threw. Suddenly there was warning that somebody was trying to get a missle lock on him. Garik started to bounce around to get rid of the missle lock*

DINN! find me the bomber that is getting a lock on me.

*Than chirped a warning. it wasnt a bomber that was trying to get a lock, it was a TIE advanced. Then Dinn chirped another warning. Just infront of him 6 TIE advanced came out of hyperspace. This was not good. Then a voice came over the com.
It started with a weird kind of breathing. Than a Dark voice came threw the speaker. It was Lord Vader.

Darth Vader:
Aliance fighters! I will let you go if you give me the location of your rebel base. If not, you will be destroyed.

Dinn!? Is Vader in the TIE behind me??

*Dinn chirped confirming. Man... Vader tried to shoot him out of excitence. Garik still tried to dodge the lock. He keyed his com to broadcasting to everybody.*

This is Garik Loran, Wraith Leader of Wraith Squadron of the alliance. Im sorry to say to you that i dont realy feel like giving up.
sorry. Would you be so kind to drop the missle lock on me cause im getting a bit sea sick of dodging around.

Darth Vader:
So you are the fighter infront of me. Impressive, most impressive.((OOC: couldnt resist )) But you will not live to tell your friends that you escaped a missle lock from Darth Vader. I will kill you.

We will see Vader. There is only one thing i wanted to ask you. Do use the force to scratch your back? cause i have this little spot on my back i can never reach!

*Garik heard a laughter come threw the speaker of some of the Wraiths. But Vader didnt reply. Garik put his com to squadron frequency.*

Wraiths!? the freighters and haulers are destroyed, good work 3 flight and 1 flight, and i think it is time to leave. i left a message in all of your astromech units. u can open them with your call sign. there you will find a navigation course. follow it. there you will get another course from your astromech unit and we will regroup after that. Good luck getting out of here Wraiths. And may the Force be with you!

*Garik switched his com to a private channel while dodging a laser blast*

Wraith 2?! did you get Wraith 3 out? cause she isnt that experienced. I have my hands full right now... we will regroup at our base.

*Garik made a tight loop and went straight for one of the TIE advanced, he linked his fire to quad and then set it on torps. he locked on to one wild dodging TIE advanced and fired. Then switched back to lasers and full throttled behind the TIE. He hit the TIE with his quad ;aser but it reppeld the lasers good... it didnt get detroyed... then Garik saw a blue streak to his left. Then a large explosion. He flew threw debries of the TIE advanced infront of him. The torpedo he launched caught up with the TIE while Garik was shooting it. Garik pointed his fighter toward where Raschel was*
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