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i really need the full server command list, such as ban ip couz there are some annoying souls out there f**king with my servers

and how to get a player list of all connected players

to run a dedicated server do somethin like this

put somtin like this in a shortcut
"c:\blab\bla\jk2mp.exe" +set dedicated 2 +exec config.cfg

where the 2 means Internet dedicated

but i havn't got it working yet

i hope i get some help here, ive tried to put together a cfg of all the server commands in my cfg but it doesn't work


well i hope this faq can help me as soon as it gets filled

edit: i just made a discovery!

check that link there are some nice q3teamarena commands, should be something like the jk2 commands

Let me know if there is anything on your heart!

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