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Yeah, too bad that that game died. It rocked there for a while. I remember reading that story.

Here's the background for Vulcanis, my adult male Sakiyan PC:

Shadart grew up on the city-planet of Coruscant. His life was a happy one, at least for the first 11 years. He lived with his parents in one of the giant skyscrapers, never having to venture out for anything. Then, soon after he turned eleven standard years, he walked into his parents bedroom and saw 2 men standing over his mother and father's dead bodies. They saw Shadart come in, and jumped at him, but he managed to get out of the room, then off of the floor, then, crying in shock and exhaustion, he left the building. Shadart heard the men coming after him, but he ducked into an alley and hid. He stayed in the alley for a few days, too fearful to come out. After a week or so, Shadart began exploring other alleys. He lived dangerously, many times tempting death, usually without knowing it. He grew in street smarts, in the things you must master if you are to survive on the Curascant ground level. After 4 years, Shadart decided he was ready to leave. He changed his name to Vulcanis, and spent most of his money on a ride off-planet. For the next decade, he spent his time honing his skills as a droid repairman, a craft he showed natural skill at. He moved from place to place, working where the work was good. A few times, he was involved in minor smuggling runs. As payment for one of his jobs, Vulcanis received a Spineback snake, which he nemed Puhr, after the bounty hunter, Djas Puhr. He now is looking for good jobs, as well as some more action.

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