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Strategy Guide #5: Artus - Why Jan Won't Land - AT-ST Problem

Okay, I've heard this one enough that it deserves attention. Apparently there is some scripting problem where, if you lure the third AT-ST back to the first Emplaced Gun, it sometimes disappears. This will cause the game to stop progessing when you have destroyed all the ion cannons. Jan will say she cannot land until the AT-ST's are destroyed. If you get this message and there is no AT-ST in the canyon, you have found the problem - congratulations!

Here is a work-around:

You have to bring down the console. Press SHIFT+~ (the tilde key).

Now type "helpusobi 1" to enable cheats.

Now type "use atst_death". This will fire the counter that the last AT-ST was supposed to fire when it died... Jan should now land.

Sorry about this, it only happens if you play the level a certain way and will be fixed in the first patch.

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