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I'll tell my bio of Salculd, my hardened Selonian Dark Jedi.

I was born to a great selonian den, one that had great power and influence in the Corellian system. My older sibling, Dracmus, was allowed to take the family business, and I was left with nothing. I decided to fight him and trry to kill him. I barely escaped with my life. Badly beaten, I decided to leave, and ended up on the planet Sith. I was found by the dark jedi master, Mag'ee Turos. I was raised with my full-flowing anger and hatred, to be the most ruthless Dark Jedi. On my last mission, I showed my ruthlessness by destroying another dark jedi, Tek Joolar. I still have the big scar on my back from that battle. Now, I follow the will of my master, hoping for revenge......

Proud to be an American.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-Edmund Burke
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