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I'm noticing a trend here:

AMD 1.3Ghz Athlon
256 DDR
ATI Radeon 8500 <---****

This game is brutal on my system. I'm currently plodding along in 800x600, with all textures on Medium. The game isn't even smooth when I'm on my own. When stormtroopers start showing, the game is choppy like you wouldn't believe!! It is almost unplayable at these settings, but I refuse to reduce from here. I actually had a dream last night about playing Quake 2 on my old coincidence I think.

How can a game humble a system like this? My system isn't state of the art, but it is in the upper 20% of home systems.

I noticed a couple people mention the Radeon 8500 in their "problem" posts. Might this be a unique problem? I've run the game with both the latest ATI "official" driver and the current "unofficial" .6052 driver....
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