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I just installed a v5 5500 into my wife's machine (a p3 450), and only allowed it to load the newest drivers 1.08.04 for win98

I was prepared to do the wickedgl tweak, but there is no need. It runs just fine...I see sky, am getting 33fps or so...pretty smooth considering.... Once in a while, when just spawning, it'll pause and freeze for a couple of seconds...but then it runs just fine.

I dont know why I didnt need the wickedgl drivers...except that perhaps I'm only running win98 not SE, I didnt load ANY 3dfx drivers until I loaded the 1.08.04.

has anyone else gotten their v5 running w/o the wickedgl drivers?

one question: do you think the wickedgl drivers would help my fps? Like I said, I'm getting 33fps, down to 25fps or so with one other user in the game...resolution is 640 x 480.. ??

thank you

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