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Full Description

AMD 1ghz Athlon
ASUS v7100 Geforce2mx400 27.42 Drivers 32mb
256 mb Sd133 Ram

on every map so far, my system has loaded and saved in about 10-15 seconds, on a BAD day Now that I must find the "Doomgiver" I get 8:15 loads with all setting @ high or near high@ 640 res. While with all setting so low they make my eyes bleed, with 640 res, I get load times of 7:15. In the console, I get these errors.

Couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
(In red) item_shield doesn't have spawn function.

(In yellow, displayed twice) Couldn't find image for shader[no material]

(in yellow) couldn't find image for shader gfx/2d/crosshairj

com_spritef: overflow 128 in 128

(in yellow) Couldn't find image for shader icons/w_icon__turret

(in yellow) Couldn't find image for shader icons/w_icon_turret_na

(in yellow) Warning, reused image gfx/hud/w_icon_atst with mixed glwrapclampmode parm

CL_initCGame: 47.16 seconds.

com_touch memory : 77047742 bytes, 4msec

(is that 77 GB!!!)

anyway, taht long with my sys specs in BOTH high and low and ONLY in this mission makes me think that the mission has some problems.


PS: after the 2 jedi and the ATST in the Find the doomgiver mission, and the next room with assorted Stormies, I go under the stairs and find a hole with a floor, and looks like I should jump in, but when I do, the game locks. Hard booted after 10 minutes. Could this be part of the same problem?
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