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Ton just received the message to meet up with the wounded Wraith 3. He quickly sped toward Wraith three, aware that a tie was starting to fall in behind him. Quickly Ton looped around, cuaseing the tie to over shoot him. Ton played with the tie for a second before falling in behind and shooting some lazers through the enemy cock pit. Ton then resumed his flight for Wraith 3.

"Wraith 3, this is Wraith 2! I have come to assist you."

A second later Garik's buzzed voice came back in, "Wraith 2?! did you get Wraith 3 out? cause she isnt that experienced. I have my hands full right now... we will regroup at our base. "

"Yes sir I am with him now. Don't worry about us. I'll get him out. No problem."

"I loathe bus stations. Terrible places. Full of lost luggage and souls."
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