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Originally posted by mdehamer
Can someone explain the:

seta sv_privatePassword "******"
seta sv_privateClients 2

varibles to me...does that allow you to save spots on the server for specific people that have a "private password"? If I already have the server password protected (seta g_needpass "1") can I also have the private password for other reserved spaces? Thanks!

The 'seta sv_privatePassword "pass"' & 'seta sv_privateClients 2' reserves 2 slots on the server so the player slots shows up as 2 less than the 'seta sv_maxclients' setting.

Also I found out if you change seta g_password "" it remove the join password on the server and sets 'seta g_needpass 0' , so it becomes a public server.

I have my server setup using both password settings, It looks like it should works to me, but as I cannot get my server to show in the in game server browser I have not been able to test it.
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