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OK. I have put my slow load times dow to the fact that I run a voodoo 3 3000 and the game documentation actually states slow loading times as a problem.

Seeing this thread though, I have to wonder. Initial loads are fine (around 25 secs) and the first 3 or 4 quick loads after death are also fine. After that the load times increase to around 5 minutes.

I cannot believe that this is a system problem. It must be a game problem, if the same save game can load in 25 secs and 3 times later it takes 4 mins

Is the game not releasing some of these textures from memory and thus filling it up?

Please find a fix for this, someone. I have a Radeaon 8500 64MB DDR on the way, as I needed a new graphics card anyway. However, looking at this thread I wonder if my load times may get worse.

System :
Athlon 1 GHz
768 MB RAM
Plenty of free HDD space
Soundblaster Live 5.1!
Voodoo 3 3000 AGP

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