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Post Wow, nice tip UrzaTRI !!

That solution using the WickedGL drivers on JKII were right on the mark! I use the drivers for Tribes 2 and never bothered to think it'd work on other Q3-based engines. I had similiar problems that others have posted, such as lack of cutscenes, poor fps (granted I was somewhat expecting it being I'm using a V5500 agp), etc.

At any rate, if anyone needs reassurance on using the Wicked GL drivers, my stats are (all drivers updated):

PIII 700mhz
SB Live
V5500 AGP
Latest 4-in-1 Via Drivers
512 ram
Win '98
USR Ext. 5686 modem
Edit: Forgot to mention I have turbo turned off in my CMOS.

And if you still have doubt, I used the same tip on MOHAA and the game finally bloody rocks!! I can view cutscenes, and the option menus aren't a garbled mess.

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