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Hassany received the message of wraith 2, she was confused in that fight, and she doesnīt understand why she act in that form to look with few experience.

-In the last squadron I was i didnīt act in this form, what happens to me?-she asked- i need to change inmediatly or i will die-

"Wraith 3, this is Wraith 2! I have come to assist you."

-the little and bad pilot is dead now- hassany understand that now she will have help until she can show how good is she, but it wont be soon.

-Wraith 2, this is Wraith 3, thanks for the help.

she received the message of garik and open the astromech unit, and talk to her R2 unit.

-Gir (as she call it) its time to back now, look at the map, its our next place...

( I think i need to sleep more to write good)
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