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l i got a little cooked back there but im ok Wraith 8. Shields has dropped to 20% front and 35% back. My R2 unit is up and running and i have 4 TIE fighters infront of me. and i just saw that a TIE advanced is getting on my tail. im trying to get my shields back to strength.
I still havent heard from Wraith 5. She is flying around but without firing and without comunicating. so if you could help me out here to let her know what is going on.

*Garik put his com to adress Orthos*

Wraith 4?! can you try to get to Wraith 5?! try to see if she is ok.
Dinn?! try to make a lynk with her astromech and give her all the instructions to get out of here.

*Dinn squeeked confirmingly and Garik went back to dodging laser blasts from the Advanced. It was hard to survive without a wingmate by your side. One of the TIE fighters was going Head on with Garik. This was not looking good. A couple of blasts and the shields would be out. Garik decided he was going to role the entire time. Garik made hi fighter spin toward the TIE and it kept firing at Garik but missed. then Garik linked his lasers to quad, and shot one shorth burst and the TIE exploded in front of Garik. Garik didnt want more damage and pulled away from the debries. aT same moment he pulled out, a green blast fired at the place he just was when he pulled out. that was mopre than luck.*
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