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Once again I'd like to post my times as I have updated my motherboard and memory. This was a planned purchase several weeks ago and have been awaiting the motherboard for 3 weeks. This purchase had nothing to do with attempting better scores with JO... just good timing. It finally arrived Friday and Sunday I installed it.

Motherboard: MSI KT-3 Ultra ARU (333)
Memory: OCZ 512mb PC2700 DDR
CPU: AMD XP 1900+
Harddrive: IBM 60GXP 40gb
Video: Geforce 2 Ultra
Sound: Onboard 6 channel

Initial load time: 24.6 seconds (previous 27.3 sec)
Reloads and new level loads: 13.2 sec (previous 15 sec)

All settings are HIGH. GL Extensions are OFF. 1024x768x32.

I begin my timing as soon as I hit the load button and see the graphic. I end the timing, well, when the level has loaded and I am live. I use a digital timer on my Palm Pilot for the seconds readout.

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