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Here's the one I will be using in my RPG, which will start in 2 or 3 months or so.
Dante, a Sakiyan, was born on the city-planet of Coruscant, but lived most of his childhood on Corellia, where his father had a job as an official in the government. It was a happy life, but one that did not last long. A little after Dante had turned 8 standard years old, he was told that his parents had died in a tragic air speeder accident. The engine on their speeder had malfunctioned, and the vehicle had spun out of control. It struck a building, crashed to the ground, then exploded. They all said it was an accident, but Dante remembers long discussions between his father and mother, late at night. Something about a new government program. Dante's father hadn't liked it. Dante lived the next 6 years as a ragamuffin beggar/thief/whatever else kid, learning pretty much everything about the street life. When he was fourteen, though, his luck changed. He met his uncle Vulcanis, through a stroke of luck. Dante had been trying to pick Vulcanis's pocket, but Vulcanis caught him. Vulcanis brought Dante to the authorities, but when he found out who Dante was, Vulcanis won custody of him. Vulcanis then spent much of the next 2 years teaching him his trade, how to repair droids. Dante showed much promise at this, as well as at piloting. At the time of the RPG, Dante is using a rented repair ship, trying to get enough credits to get his own ship.

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